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Unique silver designs




When you order any of our pieces by e-mail, using the orders and contact form, or using the on-line shopping list, we will contact you by e-mail confirming the receipt of your order and asking you for any additional data we would need for the delivery. In the confirmation mail, the total cost and our bank account for the bank transfer (if you select this payment method) will be included. After the verification of the payment, we will ship you the products. We will also inform you about the delivery time and the expected reception time.


You can pay using your credit card (VISA or MasterCard) in the online shop or using a bank transfer. If you prefer a bank transfer, in the same mail where we confirm the reception of your order, we will tell you the destination bank account and the total cost. As soon as we got the payment confirmation, we will send you the pieces immediately.


Following the spanish and european law, the client could desist and obtain a refund within the fourteen (14) natural days after the reception of the product, contacting us using our electronic mail address. For this, you should inform us about your request for a refund. We will inform you about the return procedure by electronic mail. If you have paid with credit card, we refund the money on the same card and in case of a bank transfer, we reimburse the total cost. In any case, the refund will happen within 14 natural days after the reception of the returned piece at our premises. You should only cover the direct cost of the shipping back to our company; you should be nevertheless responsible and therefore charged for any diminishing in value of the returned item, due to any manipulation of the objects. You cannot access to the refund if the product is not returned in its original package or if the jewel presents any kind of damage, useage or modification.


The prices of our pieces are indicated in the web pages in Euros, including all applicable taxes (VAT). The act of purchase happens in Spain and the tax type should correspond to the Spanish types (21% VAT, for our products). You will find the bill inside the package with your products. As a complementary service, we will send the pieces to the address specified by the client, even abroad Spain. The shipping costs are not included in the price of the product. If your delivery address does not belong to the European Union, you could be charged by border and importation taxes. All these additional charges have to be paid by the client. The applicable customs policy vary significatively in each country, therefore we ask you kindly to check the customs law in your country.


We will send your purchase to the delivery address specified by you once we have received the payment notification of your order. The package will be delivered by MailBoxes ( No delivery will be shipped to mail boxes, hotels, or any non-permanent addresses. The shipping rates depend on the final destination and the shipping mode (standard, urgent, ...). Please, check the shipping rates in the web page section. Note that the shipping rates can only be confirmed once we know your address, and the final cost could depend of additional factors (fuel supplement, rate modifications, ...).


In case of any incidence, complain or request for rights, you can send an electronic mail to our official address. We will try to answer your request within 24 hours, if possible. All data and contents included on our website are intended to be correct and error-free. Nevertheless, there could be errors or inexactitudes for what we apologize. The products could slightly vary with respect to the presented images, due to the craft production. As a consequence of common sense, we cannot be liable for any delay or fault in the accomplishment of our duties if they are produced by circunstances out of our control. This fact does not affect your rights to receive the delivery in a reasonable interval, or if not, to receive the adequate refund, according to the applicable law.


The images included in this web page are the property of Kinga Haudek. We are not responsible for any misuse of the contents here included. We reserve all rights for modification, update or upgrade, limiting or restricting the access temporarily or permanently. We are also not responsible of any information not included in this web page. The trademark and commercial name of Kinga Haudek and the logo has been registered in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office. They cannot be used without written authorization. All the content available under the website like, for instance, texts, graphics, logos, images, digital documents, data compilations, ... are property of Kinga Haudek and protected by the respective copyright laws in the Spanish and international law. All contents, images, materials, texts and products shown has been made or produced by Kinga Haudek therefore they are intellectual property of her. All rights are reserved.


Except for the preparation of the delivery and bill, we will not use or store in any computer or physical format your data or any information given or mentioned by you. We will never use your information for sending spam or any kind of advertisement (except that you explicitly ask for it) and by no means sell it to other companies or third parties. We understand that you, by contacting us and ordering our products, authorize us to use temporarily your data for the preparation of the delivery and the billing. In any case, you can always send us an electronic mail claiming your rigths about accessing, modifying or cancelling any information we could have about you.


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By ordering a product, you agree that Spanish laws and regulations are to be applied in our commercial relationship. Any dispute derived from the validity, interpretation, execution or resolution of the commercial relationship with our customers will be presented under the Courts of Santiago de Compostela, provided that the applicable law allows it. Being so, the customer rights are completely guaranteed according to both the Spanish and European laws and regulations.


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